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What Should Patients with Renal Insufficiency Do

Diet therapy can help to reduce the formation of waste product and the intake of hazardous substances. Meanwhile, it also is beneficial in maintaining water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, so as to reduce the burden of surviving nephron and prolong the progression of disease. Diet therapy is the essential measures in treating Chronic Renal Insufficiency.
● The ultimate metabolin of protein in our body are urea, uric acid and creatinine and so on. These are nitrogenous substances and mainly excreted by our kidneys. Ingesting too much protein will burden our kidneys, so patients with Renal Insufficiency should limit the intake of protein.Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
● In addition, in order to make maximum use of the protein and avoid protein to be translated into energy, patients with Renal Insufficiency should replenish energy. Our energy manly supplied with sugar, so patients with Renal Insufficiency can eat some fruits, honey, chocolate and jam.Fluid Accumulation and Numbness with Stage 4 Renal Insufficiency How to Reverse Renal Insufficiency Caused by Diabetes
● The intake of salt should depend on the severity of disease. For example, patients with high blood pressure and swelling should adopt low-salt diet. Salt has strong ability of imbibing water. Ingesting too much salt will cause the increase of blood volume, as a result, blood pressure increase. Moreover, salt is rich in sodium. If patients with swelling ingest too much salt, excessive sodium will accumulate in their body, and thus aggravate swelling.How to Reverse Renal Insufficiency Caused by Diabetes
● Foods which contain great amount of phosphorus should be limited. Although some foods such as yolk, dried meat floss, pluck, dairy products and marrow can meet the conditions we mentioned just now, they are not suitable for patients with Renal Insufficiency. They are abundant in phosphorus and the retention of phosphorus in their body will further damage renal function.
● Medicines taken by patients such as panadol, gentamicin, neomycin, and hormone can also damage their kidneys, so patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should avoid taking too much mdicines.Natural Remedy for Renal Insufficiency: Micro-Chinese Medicine

The occurrence of Renal Insufficiency is on the basis of Chronic Kidney Disease and it is characterized by decreased renal function, retention of waste products as well as disordered acid-base and electrolyte. For patients with CKD, their diet should be arranged according their illness condition, so as to prolong the progression of their disease.

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