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Is Wheatgrass Helpful for Kidney Disease

Wheatgrass is often found in healthy food stores and juice bars. So here we will focus on the overview of wheatgrass on whether it is helpful for the treatment of kidney diseases.
Overview of Wheatgrass Acupuncture for Kidney Disease
Wheatgrass is an all-natural product that contains carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids, 17 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, and more than 100 types of enzymes, fiber and chlorophyll that are beneficial in these aspects of cleansing, nourishing, and alkalizing our body.Chinese Fruits and Vegetables Consumed by Stage 4 Kidney Failure
Wheatgrass in Kidney Disease Can I Have Wheatgrass With FSGS
Since wheatgrass includes thus so many nutrition and together with known no side effects, so it is safe to ingest it daily as a part of diet. However, there is no available scientific evidence that wheatgrass can cure or prevent any disease.
In fact, wheatgrass is high in potassium, while for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD), their kidneys have a low ability to excrete the overmuch potassium. So wheatgrass should be avoided for CKD patients. We also should have the concept that not all of the natural foods are safe to our body.Can Stage 4 CKD Patient Eat Cottage Cheese Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
Due to the reason that wheatgrass is an extremely powerful food, so even for the normal everyone of us, we don’t need to drink a lot of it at one time. At the start you just need to drink 30ml per day, and remember to follow the wheatgrass juice with an equal amount of water, because the intake of wheatgrass itself alone can stress your kidneys.

So wheatgrass is generally not helpful for kidney disease, especially when your kidneys are severely damaged so that they cannot excrete those wastes or toxins in your body.

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