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Chinese Dietary Therapy- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Dietary Therapy (food therapy of
herb medicine), back again as early as 2000 years, proper documentation was only found around 500 BC, in which various foods are used instead of medications to affect functions of different organs of organism. In the long history of clinical experience, some vegetables and fruits are found effective in treating diseases.
The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, also known as the Huangdi Neijing, which was written around 300 BC, was most important in forming the basis of Chinese food therapy. It classified food by four food groups, five tastes and by their natures and characteristics.
Kidney Failure Patient with High Blood Pressure Live Healthy Life After Chinese Medicine Therapy
In medical works, Distiller’s yeast has effects on treating gastrointestinal tract diseases. In Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies, written by Ge Hong in Jin dynasty, it is recorded that seaweed can treat goiter; the sweet almond kernels (南杏仁) and bitter almond kernels (北杏仁) target the lungs. The related contents in Sun Simiao s Supplement to Valuable Prescriptions reflect that if one gets disease, food therapy can be used first, if the disease can not be cured, medication will be used. Hence food therapy is recommended by doctors through the ages.Chinese Medicines Stop Progression of Kidney Disease
In recent decades, the side effects in many medications make people want to find natural therapies. Food therapy is getting more attention. Many doctors and medical workers now are searching more information about food therapy in medical works and experience from different places of China.
Protect kidney food therapy
Chinese chestnut -deficiency of the kidney, weak legs and waist- Compendium of Materia Medica How to Reduce Creatinine 5.18 with Traditional Chinese Medicine
Agaric, mulberry, leechee, kelp, mushroom (for healthy people)-food good for kidneys-
Cherokee rose fruit tea

Chinese dietary therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tell us eating properly is very helpful to your health.

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