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What Is Complex Kidney Cyst

As people grow older, there are chances of cysts forming on kidneys. Due to
different characteristics of the cysts, they are divided into different types. Complex Kidney Cyst is a kind of kidney cyst (renal cyst). The other type of kidney cyst is called simple kidney cyst and it is more common. Complex kidney cyst refers to cysts that have different characteristics which may make them suspicious for kidney cancer.
To be defined as a complex kidney cyst, the cyst may be irregular in its outer shape and the cyst has some type of irregularities inside of it. Sometimes there are walls within the cyst, which may be thin and fine or thick and coarse. The internal walls may divide complex kidney cyst into many parts. The presence of internal walls gives rise to the possibility that the cyst may develop into kidney cancer.How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Another characteristic of complex cyst is calcification, which means the mineral calcium is visualized inside of the cyst. There may be very little calcium, or the calcification may be very thick.Where Do I Get Natural Ingredients to Shrink Complex Renal Cysts
The complex kidney cyst may enhance because of tissue presents inside of the cyst, which indicates the cyst has a higher risk of developing into kidney cancer. It is suggested to treat the complex kidney cyst timely if the cyst enhances.
Bosniak classification method is used by a lot of urologist to judge the condition of the complex cyst. According to this method, Bosniak category I, II, III and IV complex kidney cysts have 2%, 18%, 33% and 92% chances respectively, of developing kidney cancer. The Bosniak IV complex kidney cysts are usually related to kidney cancer.

Complex Kidney Cyst could be followed by ultrasound, CT scan or MRI. It is advisable to treat the complex kidney cyst although the risk of developing kidney cancer is low. Do not wait it to become a cancer.

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