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How to Reduce Creatinine in Kidney Failure Patients

Kidney failure is medically defined as GFR less than 15. At this time, scarring
of the kidneys is very serious and a large part of renal intrinsic cells are severely impaired or necrotic. As a result, metabolic wastes (including creatinine and urea nitrogen) are accumulated in the body and cause overall toxic symptoms, such as poor appetite, erythrocyte imbalances, anemia, swelling, skin itching, weakness, etc. Reducing creatinine level has become a focus for kidney failure patients. Well then, what is a proper way to reduce creatinine level?
Conventional methods to reduce creatinine levels
What Medicines Can I Rely on for Lowering Creatinine 7.5
In conventional medicines, detoxification medicines are often applied to remit moderate elevation of serum creatinine levels; when creatinine level increases to beyond eliminating functions of medicines, patients will have to initiate dialysis. Actually, the functions of detoxification medicines and dialysis are just the same, both of which try to control symptoms instead of treating the underlying cause of kidney failure. Kidney function continues to decline and further damage of the kidneys can not be blocked.
At What Creatinine Level Will Dialysis Be Advised and How to Avoid Dialysis
Reduce creatinine level by traditional Chinese Medicine and stem cells
Traditional Chinese medicine can expand renal blood vessels and eliminate inflammation, thus accelerating blood circulation and blocking up kidney aggravation process. More importantly, traditional Chinese medicine can repair the damaged kidney structures, by which kidney filtration ability can be improved and creatinine level can be lowered to a certain extent. However, traditional Chinese medicine can only restore the impaired kidney cells, but can not reverse the necrotic cells in the kidneys. That’s why stem cell treatment is also needed.Is There an Medication One Can Take to Lower High Creatinine Level
Stem cell treatment means the injection of new seed cells into the kidneys. Injected stem cells can function as a repair system of the kidneys and replenish new types of renal intrinsic cells. Joint of stem cells can improve kidney function to a satisfactory level, eliminate complications of kidney failure and avoid dialysis.

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