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Warning Signs of Uremia

Uremia refers to the clinical series of symptoms in End-stage kidney failure.
Kidneys lose the ability of filtrating blood, removing wastes, regulating electrolytes and balancing acid-bases, so the patients usually experience systemic symptoms.
In present medical treatment field, top leading causes of kidney failure include high blood pressure and Diabetes. In recent years, glomerular nephritis keep on rising as a main contributing factor for kidney failure. Other causes of Uremia also includes cystic kidney, obstructive kidney disorder, drug induced medicines, etc. Kidneys have good compensatory function, at very primary course, the patients don’t have any obvious symptoms. As with the disease progressing, the patients will begin to experience discomforts and some noticeable symptoms. Early detection of kidney disease and timely treatment signifies in improving prognosis. So we should learn some early signs.
The early signs of Uremia mainly include:How Long Can an End Stage Kidney Disease Person Live on Dialysis
Loss of appetite. Loss of appetite is very common, which can lead to weight loss and malnutrition. Even if encouraged to eat more, patients with uremia often are unable to eat much, become depleted in proteins and develop muscle wasting.
Anemia: In Uremia stage, kidney endocrine function severely damaged so that it can not produce enough EPO. EPO helps production of red blood cells. Loss of EPO results in anemia, and the patient experiences systemic weakness.
Heart problem. Uremia can cause inflammation of the heart muscle or the lining around the heart, leading to palpitations or shortness of breath with congestive heart failure.How to Treat End Stage Kidney Disease
Skin discomforts. Uremia commonly causes itching, sometimes a very distressing and persistent symptom. The skin color may change, taking on a pale or yellow tinge. A rash is sometimes seen, with small bumps that are red and itchy. These symptoms come from deposits of calcium in the skin.
Bone pain: As kidney failure progresses, the body’s calcium and phosphorus balance is affected, resulting in changes in the bones. Symptoms include bone pain, back pain and arthralgia. The patient suffers from bone fracture very easily.Has a Person Ever Recovered from End Stage Kidney Disease
Brain disorder. As kidney failure progresses, patients often become drowsy or sleepy. They may sleep more, and it may become difficult to arouse them from sleep. The ability to think clearly or accomplish mental tasks may become impaired, memory may become imprecise and personality can change.

If you encounter the above signs, you will be encouraged for proper and early treatment.

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