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Why Is Regulating GFR Important

The number of GFR indicates kidney function. Abnormal GFR (Glomerular Filtration
Rate) usually means kidneys have damaged, if we do not treat kidney diseases timely, the kidneys are going to fail, which means dialysis or kidney transplantation is needed because kidneys can not excrete wastes such as creatinine, urea and so on. The wastes and toxins stay in blood and cause big problems. It is even life threatening if people do not receive dialysis when creatinine level in blood is too high.
What is GFR?
When plasma flows through glomerular capillaries, the compositions of the plasma except protein will be filtrated into the renal capsules and form ultrafiltrated liquid—“initial urine”.
Filtration rate: the ultrafiltrated liquid (ml) produced by bilateral kidneys every minute is glomerular filtration rate.
The average glomerular filtration rate of healthy people is 125ml/min and the initial urine filtrated by bilateral kidneys is 180L.
The 180L initial urine will flow through the tubules. 99% of the initial urine will be reabsorbed and the terminal urine is only 1% of the initial urine.
Your GFR number is an estimate of how much kidney function you have. And it is the best way to check kidney function. In adults, the normal GFR is 90 or higher. GFR turns to decline as we age even in people without kidney disease. A GFR below 60 is abnormal. The GFR test should be repeated.

GFR should be cared when you know that you have got kidney diseases.

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