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Symptoms of Kidney Cyst

Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease around the globe. Recently, the morbid of
it shows a trend of increase. Compared with other kinds of kidney diseases, with timely and available treatment in early stage, Kidney Cyst can be controlled effectively and the patients can live a high-quality life. However, when the cysts are small, the patients may not have obvious discomforts, but when the people begin to present with the following symptoms, it may indicate the attack or aggravation of Kidney Cyst, then the patients need to go to hospital immediately in order to put the development of disease under controlling.
I Pain in Lower Back or Abdomen: As the cysts growing in the kidneys are full of cystic fluid, along with the growth of cysts, they will make the kidneys slightly fall down, and then stretch the renal pedicle and oppress the surrounding organs. As a result, the patients will get lower backache or bellyache. And if the patients also have capsule hemorrhage or secondary infections, the pain will aggravate suddenly. In addition, if there are calculus accompanied, or the bleeding clots block the urinary tract, the patients will present with renal colic.Can a Hemorrhagic Kidney Cyst Cause Severe Pain in Kidney Region
II Hematuria: It refers to the phenomenon of continuous existence of red blood cells in the urine. The presentation of hematuria can be divided into two types: gross hematuria (the color of urine presenting red, which can be seen with naked eyes) and microscopic hematuria (detection of red blood cells in urine by microscope). When attacked by hematuria, the patients commonly present with lower backache or the aggravation of this symptom. In addition, violent activies, wound, infecions will make the condition worse or even cause bleeding.
III Abdominal Mass: When touch the patients’ abdomen, you will feel masses, which is caused by the enlargement of renal cysts. Besides, among 60%-80% patients, you can even feel the swollen kidneys with hand, which indicates that the cysts have grown into quite large sizes. Therefore, the bigger the kidney enlarges, the severer the disease has developed, accordingly, the faster renal functions decline.How Long Does It Take to Stop Blood in Urine Due to Kidney Cyst Rupture
IV Hypertension: Hypertension is one of the typical complications of Kidney Cyst. It is caused by the oppression given by cysts to kidneys. Even for the patients in early stage still preserve normal renal functions, there are more than 50% patients having this symptom. And upon the onset of Kidney Cyst or in the course of it, the morbid rate of hypertension is much higher.Pain and Frequent Urination With Kidney Cyst: Cause and Treatment

The forgoing symptoms are the typical ones of Kidney Cysts. Note that the appearance of these symptoms, among most cases, always indicates the aggravation of Kidney Cysts rather than the onset of it. Therefore, once examined with Kidney Cysts, receive formal treatment to control the development of cysts is very important, or the continuous enlargement of cysts will drop down the kidney functions till to End Stage Renal Failure.

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