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How Much Do You Know about Dialysis

Dialysis, popularly known as artificial kidney, is one kind of blood purification
technology. The operating principle of dialysis is semi-permeable membrane. It can help discharge the toxins, metabolic wastes and excessive electrolyte out of the body through diffusion so as to purify the blood and balance the water, electrolyte and acid-base balance. Generally dialysis can be divided into blood dialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
What Happens If A Patient Misses His Dialysis
Nowadays more and more kidney patients come to know about dialysis and they usually regard dialysis the only way to maintain their life especially in the end-stage of the disease. However such kind of understanding is far from comprehensive.
Can Kidney Function Come Back If Start Dialysis
When the creatinine level is high, it is necessary for the patients to have dialysis to help discharge the too much toxins out of the body because the accumulation of creatinine and other metabolic wastes will in turn cause damages to the kidneys and other organs. Dialysis does have its own advantages. It can clear away the toxins quickly and timely and plays an important role in protecting the patients’ life. Some patients may have the misunderstanding that once they start dialysis, they can’t get rid of dialysis any more. In some cases, some patients can’t get rid of dialysis in the end after they have years of dialysis. This is because they are too dependent on dialysis and don’t seek any other treatment except the dialysis. As we all know that dialysis is just a machine that replaces the kidney’s functions. It can not repair the damaged kidney, so patients have to do dialysis after a period of time.Is It Possible to Reduce Frequent Dialysis In China
What’s worse, dialysis can only help discharge the small molecular toxins like creatinine, uric acid and urea nitrogen. Other middle-sized and macromolecular toxins like retinol-binding protein, homocysteine can’t be clear away through the dialysis. As a kidney specialized kidney disease hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has introduced a lot of advanced blood purification equipment and instruments. In addition to dialysis, there are also blood filtration, blood perfusion, immune adsorption which can help discharch the middle-sized and macromolecular toxins as well as the immune complexes so as to provide a favorable internal environment for the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmetherapy and the stem cell transplant to take effects .

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