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Gua Sha (Skin Scraping)-Natural Healing Method in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Gua Sha (Skin Scraping) is one of the natural treatment methods in traditional
Chinese medicine (TCM), which also include acupuncture, massage, fire cupping and herbal medicine, etc. They are also used very widely. Gua means to scrape or rub. Sha is a "reddish, elevated, millet-like skin rash' (aka petechiae). Gua Sha is used in Asia by practitioners of Traditional Medicine, in both the clinical setting and in homes, but little known in the West. What can gua sha treatment do? Read on to learn it.
Gua Sha is performed on certain parts of the skin by scraping with a tool (The tools of gua sha could be clamshell, copper cash, sandalwood, etc.) to stimulate the main and collateral channels. For each part of the body, the scraping time normally lasts for 3 to 5 minutes, with 20 minutes at the longest, depending on the patient's comfortable feeling. After the Gua Sha treatment, the skin may slightly ache, itch or turn red, which are quite normal.How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Do you suffer from chronic pain? Excess systemic toxicity? Poor circulation? Lymphatic congestion? Inflammation? Fatigue? Infections? Physical or emotional stress? If so, then you will greatly benefit from Gua Sha treatment.
The gua sha technique is most commonly used to:
· Treat headache. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
· Treat digestive disorders. Chinese Medicine to End Leg Swelling With Kidney Problem New Natural and Effective Treatment for Kidney Disease
· Treat muscle and tendon injuries.
· Treat stiffness, pain, immobility.
· Treat urinary, gynecological disorders.
· Reduce fever (the technique was used to treat cholera).
· Treat fatigue caused by exposure to heat (often used to treat heat-stroke) or cold.
· Cough and dyspnea: bronchitis, asthma, emphysema.
· Push sluggish circulation, fibromyalgia.
· Treat sunstrokes / heat syncope and nausea.
· To assist with reactions to food poisoning

Gua Sha is a natural healing. By receiving this therapy, some symptoms will be relieved effectively without any side effects.

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