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Will Dialysis Reduce Creatinine Level

Creatinine usually refers to serum creatinine and it is the metabolic wastes of
the muscles in the body. Creatinine is a kind of small molecular toxins which is filtrated by the glomeruli and almost all the creatinine will be excreted with the urine.
Under the normal circumstances, the creatinine and other wastes can be cleared out of the body by the kidneys. In cases of nephron damage, renal interstitial fibrosis and the hardening of part of the glomerular, the glomerular filtration rate will decrease and the wastes can’t be discharged out of the body, thus leading to the accumulation of toxins and wastes in the body and the increase of creatinine level as well as many severe complications.
What to Use to Lower Creatinine 473
When the creatinine is too high, usually dialysis is adopted to help lower the creatinine level. Dialysis, also known as the artificial kidneys, is not a treatment at all. It is just a machine that replaces the functions of the kidneys to discharge the creatinine and other wastes products.How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood What to Use to Lower Creatinine 473
Dialysis does reduce the creatinine level, but the patients have to do dialysis regularly since the creatinine and other wastes are being produced all the time. So patients have to do dialysis again and again and they will gradually become dependent on dialysis and after a period of time, the remaining working nephrons will cease work in the end. Beyond that, the dialysis has another defect. Dialysis can only clear away small molecular toxins in the body. This is far from enough because there are many middle-sized and macromolecular toxins which will cause severe damages to the internal balance of the body.What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Lower Creatinine Level

From the above analysis, we have known that dialysis can lower the creatinine level without repairing kidney damages. So dialysis should not be regarded as a treatment. Dialysis should be adopted to lower the creatinine level temporarily when the concentration of the creatinine level is too high, and then more effective treatments should be received to repair kidney damages. When the kidney function is recovered, the creatinine level will decrease naturally.

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