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Relation of Creatinine and End Stage Renal Failure

If we want to know the relation between creatinine and end-stage kidney disease,
we need to know the kidneys first. What is the job of kidneys? The kidneys maybe we pay little attention to them, but now I know they are so important that if they do not work we may worry miserable. Let me explain to you in detail.
Kidneys are very important organ in human body. When blood flow into kidneys, kidney begins to do their work, they will find wastes in the blood and catch them and throw them away through urine. In another word, kidneys filtrate wastes such as creatinine, BUN and so on, then the kidneys will carry them to bladder and then they are excreted through urine.Is There a Cure for ESRD Without Dialysis
Kidneys are damaged How to Treat End Stage Kidney Disease
Kidneys can be damaged due to many reasons such as toxic medication, severe high blood pressure, long-term diabetes, etc. when the kidneys are damaged, they can not filtrate wastes effectively, and wastes such as creatinine will stay in blood. But the wastes are not good to human body, if there are many of wastes, they do harms to human body. It also means if the wastes are more; the damages will be more severe. Hence creatinine becomes an index of kidney damages. There are five stages of kidney diseases according to severity of damages. We can know your stages according to creatinine level in blood.Has a Person Ever Recovered from End Stage Kidney Disease

In stage 5, the creatinine level is >442 (>5.0). Usually, dialysis or kidney transplantation, or stem cells transplant is needed. This stage is also known as end stage renal failure. People want to reduce creatinine in blood because they do harm to human body.

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