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How to Control Water Intake for Patients under Dialysis

For patients under regular dialysis, who are diagnosed with Uremia or Renal Failure, controlling water intake is very strict. Daily taken Water doesn’t conclude the liquid water but also the water content in the foods, fruits, and so on.
For most patients under dialysis, especially for those Uremia patients with no urine, the daily water should meet the basic physiological need but also not too much. If taking too much water, patients are easy to suffer from Acute Heart Failure; if there is no adequate water, it is easy to feel thirsty for patietnts.
Therefore, for Uremia patients under dialysis, how to control the water intake?
1. Keep the regular dialysis. According to the arrangement of doctors, patients should take dialysis at fixed time. the dialysis time should be more than 4hours. The dialysis time of one week should be more than 12hours. Taking adequate hemodialysis can make the daily water intake easy.What Can I Do to Prevent Fainting Spells During Dialysis Is Star Fruit OK for Kidney Dialysis Patient
2. Keep the increased weight during dialysis about 3%-5% of dry weight(the weight after dialysis). It can not more than 7%. For instance, if the dry weight of patient is 60kg, the water intake should not be more than 4.2kg, or the excessive water can reduce dehydration or hypotension and even muscle spasm.
3. Prepare one weight scale and take a weight at fixed time every day.
4. Taking low salt diet. Patients are supposed to put salt when foods are cooked mostly. Do not put soy sauce and other salty condiments during cooking. Taking low salt diet can relieve the thirst of patients.
5. when patients feel thirsty, they can hold one small piece of ice in the mouth or chew one piece of fresh mint leaf. Besides that, patients can chew one or two chewing gum or smell lemon. That cool feeling can make patients easy.
6. The water cup should have scales, so that patients can control the water quantity well. Patients had better put all the taken water of the whole day in one container.

7. If patients fall disease and need transfusion, they should tell doctors that they are under dialysis and let doctors control the transfusion quantity.

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