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Low-Phosphorus Diet for Dialysis Patients

Kidney is an important organ to regulate and to excrete phosphorus. The content of phosphorus in body and the concentration of phosphorus in blood will rise when kidney fails in functioning. Hyperphosphoremia is a very common complication of Chronic Kidney Disease, with which dialysis patients always have too much phosphorus in blood. Although phosphorus is of significance in human body especially in keeping the healthy condition of bones and teeth, if the dialysis patients do not limit the ingestion of phosphorus, the concentration of phosphorus in serum will rise, and parathyroid hormone will be in a hyperfunctional state therewith, resulting in fracture and ostealgia, metastatic calcification, muscle weakness, itch in skin, skin ulcer, etc.
Then, how should a dialysis patient keep a low-phosphorus diet?
Phosphorus mainly comes from food, and generally speaking, food with high content of calcium always has much more phosphorus as well.
Food that contains much phosphorus should be avoided to the greatest extent, which includes:Can Dialysis Patient Take Iaso Tea
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▲ Staple food: wheat, barley, oat, corn, etc.
▲ Beans: any kind of beans and bean products, lotus nut, etc.
▲ Nuts: melon seed, peanut, sesame, etc.Should Kidney Dialysis Patients Stop Eating Chicken
▲ Meat: any kind of pluck, dried meat floss, ham and sausage, etc.
▲ Milk products and eggs: milk, dried milk, ice-cream, yolk, salted duck egg, etc.Management of Sore Ankle in Dialysis Patients
▲ Aquatic products: nori, shrimp, scallop, abalone, etc.
▲ Vegetables: auricularia auricular, needle mushroom, etc.
▲ Others: black tea, green tea, yeast powder, chocolate, raisin, etc.
Food has little content of phosphorus includes: vermicelli, lotus root starch, cabbage, egg white, celery, spinach, tomato, sugarcane, many kind of melon or gourd, etc. Besides, controlling the intake of protein also results in a low intake of phosphorus. Meanwhile, you can change the way of cooking to lower the phosphorus as well, for example, when you cook fish, you had better boil it instead of stir-frying it.Management of Back Pain in Dialysis Patients
Low-phosphorus diet is the initial note for dialysis patients to avoid Hyperphosphoremia. In addition, taking phosphorus adsorbents and complete dialysis are another two effective ways to lower phosphorus in blood and the whole body.
Low-Phosphorus Diet is daily, We need know that. But the treatment is very very important.E.G.Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease,Hot Compress Therapy for Kidney Disease,Foot Bath for Kidney Disease,Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease and Acupuncture for Kidney Disease
Keeping a special low-phosphorus diet is sometimes difficult but it is quite important to your health which we care about most. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact with our experts online or leave a message to me

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