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Blood Sugar in Dialysis

Dialysis can remove the excessive wastes and toxins from the metabolism in human body, which should be taken by patients with end stage of Renal Failure. However, dialysis does not treat Renal Failure once and for all, and what’s more, some complications during dialysis will occur now and then. Hypoglycemia (low level of blood sugar) is a common complication of dialysis, which can result in hunger, palpitation, sweating and tremor. In order to effectively prevent low blood sugar occurring during dialysis, there are some influencing factors of the fluctuation of blood sugar.

● when patients have Renal Failure, their kidneys can not adequately inactivate insulin, yet the activity of insulin receptor will go up after dialysis, which lead to increased reactivity to insulin, so there will be quite a number of low blood sugar occurring in the patients on dialysis who do not have Diabetes Mellitus.How to Control Blood Sugar for IgA Nephropathy Patients

● When there is edema which is accompanying with increased extracellular fluid, the dimension of glucose distribution will become bigger, so blood sugar decreases then.

● When patients can not pass urine, blood sugar can not be excreted by kidney, which can cause blood sugar to increase.

● Sometimes, dialysis can not eliminate insulin thoroughly, so patients with Diabetic Nephropathy is easily to have slow blood sugar after dialysis.Foods to Eat and Avoid for PKD Patients with High Blood Sugar

● Patients with Renal Failure often have complication of digestive tract, which results in the instability of energy intake, thus the fluctuation of blood sugar will be obvious.

● When patients are taking dialysis, the regulation ability of reflection to low blood sugar will turn to weak.

● Old patients have higher risk of low blood sugar than that of younger patients.
Will Steroids Cause High Blood Sugar for IgA Nephropathy Patients
Severe low blood sugar can lead to irreversible damage on brain function, and induce cerebrovascular accident. However, nearly 50% patients may not have any subjective symptom during dialysis, so it should be paid much attention to to avoid low blood sugar during dialysis. According to different medical condition of patients, to make individual therapeutic scheme plays a vital role. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me by MSN:kidneyservice@hotmail.com

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