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Can Patients with Kidney Failure Drink Coffee

Coffee becomes one of the most popular beverage in modern life. More and more people would like to drink one cup of coffee in the morning to keep up their spirits. Of course, many people love its mellow taste. Drinking coffee occasionally is good to healthy people. However, it is not good to patients with Kidney Failure. Many patients with Kidney Failure are not recommended to drink coffee.

What ever patients with Kidney Failure drink, they should keep in mind that anything they drink should not burden their kidneys or even damage the kidneys.Will a Cup of Coffee Each Day Accelerate PKD

According to the research, caffeine can be decomposed by enzymes. More enzymes used to decompose caffeine, less enzymes used to decompose other chemical substance. In this condition, drinking coffee often will decrease the function of kidneys to remove toxins from body. For patients with Kidney Failure, coffee is not suitable for them.

Besides, drinking coffee may influence the sleep duration. People may wake up in the night. Some experts point that the body can be repaired by itself. Drinking more coffee may prevent their body from repairing.Will Taking Coffee Daily Increases Creatinine Levels

The essential oil in coffee will destroy the function of blood vessels, and then destroy the immune system.

We can see that drinking coffee may damage the kidneys and cannot contribute to patients' recovery. Hence, patients with Kidney Failure are not recommended to drink coffee.

Apart from coffee, patients with Kidney Failure are not recommended to smoke and drink beer.What Can PKD Drink as Substitute for Coffee

More information about diet for patients with Kidney Failure are introduced on our website. If you have any question, you are welcome to consult us on our website. Or email pkdclinic888@hotmail.com  More advice will be provided to you according to your own condition.

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