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Classifications of Kidney Cysts

Many patients who are diagnosed and found out Kidney Cysts are worrying a lot, in fact, that worry is not always necessary. Here I want to elaborate the detailed classifications of kidney cysts, by which, we can see that what kinds of cysts are really harmful to ourselves.
In general, kidney cysts could be divided into two large categories of Simple Kidney Cysts and Complex Kidney Cysts. The most common cysts are the former type, that is to say they are the type of Simple Kidney Cysts.How to Shrink Kidney Cysts With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
Simple Kidney Cysts often have spherical space and they are situated somewhere in the kidneys. Moreover, the lining or walls of these cysts are very thin and, inside the cysts there is nothing but fluid with yellow or clear fluid and there is no something irregularities in it.
Simple Kidney Cysts usually have no risk of becoming kidney cancers, so we do not need to worry about these kinds of cysts. In fact, when a person grows over 50 years old, he or she has a fifty percent chance of developing a renal cyst. And furthermore, these cysts tend to increase in size along with the time.Chinese Medicine Treatment Shrink Renal Cysts in PKD
Besides the above mentioned, Simple Renal Cyst also includes another type---Hyperdense Cysts, the only difference about them are the fact that there are blood inside the these cysts instead of yellow and clear fluids. Also, Hyperdense cysts are not suspicious for cancer.
On the other hand, Complex Kidney Cysts are different from Simple Kidney Cysts. For this type of cysts, they may have irregular outer shape unlike the spherical shapes for Simple Kidney Cysts. Inside, these cysts’ walls are either or thin, or quite thick, even or coarse. This kind of cysts is more likely to associate with kidney cancers.How to Shrink the Cysts Naturally in PKD
Inside the Complex Kidney Cysts, there may be a little calcium or the calcifications are quite thick. Many Complex Kidney Cysts also have a low risk of being a kidney cancer, the possibility of which is often depended on these cysts’ appearance. A system that help doctors to predict which cysts are more likely to develop into a kidney cancer by the appearance on CAT has been ascertained, that is the Bosniak classification.
That is the basic classification of Kidney Cysts. May you have learnt some knowledge from them and if you have any questions or problems, consult us so we can help you.


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