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The Causes of Malnutrition in Hemodialysis

 Hemodialysis is a replacement therapy for the patient with Renal Failure at end-stage. Although hemodialysis can not treat Renal Failure from the root, it is an alternative measure for Renal Failure suffers saving time to seek better treatment. Accompanying by the development of blood purification technology and hemodialysis widely used, the malnutrition during hemodialysis often occurs, which causes people to think seriously. Malnutrition not only influences the quality of life, but also affects the prognosis of Renal Failure patients. Today let me introduce some causes of malnutrition in hemodialysis.

Ⅰ The causes from patient

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♦ Psychological factor: some patients who are on hemodislysis have pessimistic mood such as melancholy and despair, which can influence the appetite, digestion as well as absorption of the patients. Some patients who have lack of knowledge on hemodialysis control the intake of food in order to reduce the burden from kidney, which can lead to opposite result malnutrition.

♦Poor obedience: some patients who have Renal Failure for many years are aware of the importance of food therapy, but they can not control themselves well; some patients lack the knowledge of hemodialysis and they are not willingly to listen to their physicians.

Ⅱ The causes of disease itself

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♦ The digestive tract symptom: the patients who have Uremia have these symptoms of anorexia, nausea and vomiting, which are caused by toxins which are not eliminated by hemodialysis kept the digestive tract.

♦Complications’ influence: there are many complications, such as infections, heart disease and pulmonary edema, etc. severe complication may lead to metabolic disorder, which results in malnutrition.

♦Endocrine metabolic disorder: the patients with Uremia often have the disorders of carbohydrate, protein and fat, which can directly lead to malnutrition.

Ⅲ The causes of hemodialysis

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♦The insufficiency of hemodialysis: this condition can cause the toxins to be kept in the body, which results in poor appetite and malnutrition.

♦The loss of nutrition during hemodialysis: Amino acid and protein can usually be relieved when hemodialysis eliminates the wastes and toxins.

♦Micro-inflammation: there is micro-inflammation in the patients who have Chronic Renal Failure, and hemodialysis can aggravate this condition, which promotes malnutrition.

What I mentioned above may help you find your cause of malnutrition and prevention from malnutrition. We hope what we try best to do can improve your quality of life, and help hemodialysis take maximized effect. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us online. We will try our best to resolve your problems whole heartedly.

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