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Disadvantage and Complication of Kidney Transplant

In western medicine, besides dialysis, kidney transplant, a kind of replacement therapy, becomes the main treatment of end stage Renal Failure. Successful kidney transplant can let patients with end stage Renal Failure avoid dialysis, and provide more than 10 times function than that of dialysis. What’s more, compared to patients on dialysis, patients who have taken successful kidney transplant have less limit and higher quality of life. And most patients will feel better and stronger than that when they are taking dialysis. But, I should say kidney transplant has some disadvantages and complications.

● Disadvantages of kidney transplant

① To find out the matched kidney is sophisticated, and there are various examinations during this procedure.Looking for New Treatment Instead of Kidney Transplant

② Although the kidney matches to patients with Renal Failure, the donor’s physical condition still needs to be check up to ensure that there is no infection and other disease in donor’ body.

③ Patients who accept kidney transplant should take immunosuppressive drugs all their’ lives to prevent graft rejection. Besides, these drugs have side effects, which can enhance the risk of infection, virus, and tumor.

④ Kidney transplant may not sustain treatment effect forever, and some patients need kidney transplant for two or more times. Nevertheless, if patients have kidney transplant failure, they have to come back to dialysis and wait for another kidney transplant.Alternative to Kidney Transplant for PKD, Creatinine 8.9 and Renal Parenchymal Disease

● Complications of kidney transplant

① Some patients have irreversible chronic graft rejection.

② Drug toxicity, potential relapse of kidney disease, side effect of prednisone and infection.

③ Patients have higher risk of cancer after taking kidney transplant, and the morbidity of epithelioma is 10-15 times higher than that of normal people. The morbidity of Lymphoma is about 30 times higher than normal people.How to Lower Creatinine 1.8 After Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is just a temporal treatment of end stage Renal Failure. However, we should believe that depending on the development of medical science and technology, there is some other treatment such as Stem Cells Transplant which can treat Renal Failure without any side effect. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me by MSN: pkdclinic888@hotmail.com

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