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Supply Protein or Limit Protein

One of clinical symptoms of Chronic Nephritis is the protein in urine, which presents "+" in the qualitative test of proteinuria. And the quantity of protein in urine can be tested in the proteinuria test/ 24hs. It is necessary for patients to make their urine protein improved in case of kidney damage or Kidney Failure. Well then, how to improve the protein in urine?

Patients, especially, patients with Nephrotic Syndrome may present severe edema and hypoproteinemia due to the loss of a lot of protein in urine. In this condition, some patients will ask food for help, which means that they take a great deal of food rich in high protein so as to supply the lost protein.Breaking the vicious circle of high creatinine, protein and urine acid with natural treatment

The other diet management method is to limit the intake of food with protein. Patients experiencing the loss of amount of urine protein will not take food rich in protein; meanwhile, they can take proper quantities of food with high-quality protein (fish, eggs or milk).

Which method is thought to be more reasonable? According to the clinical practices, the latter is more reasonable. That is to say, taking low-protein food contributes to decreasing the loss of protein. To the contrary, taking more food rich in protein will aggravate the loss of protein, which will lead to the worsening of their disease.

When blood flows through the kidneys, glomerular basement membrane will filtrate waste products from blood. And them waste products will be discharged along with the urine.Urine Protein 4.37g Decreased to Normal Level with Chinese Medicine

However, protein is macromolecular substance that cannot be filtrated by glomerular basement membrane. When Chronic Nephritis occurs, the glomerular basement membrane cannot prevent the leak of protein into urine due to the increased interstice of basement membrane. In this condition, taking too much protein will burden patients' kidneys. This is why patients are not recommended to take food rich in high-protein.

In conclusion, patients experiencing loss of protein in urine are recommended to limit taking food rich in protein. If necessary, patients are allowed to take food with high-quality.Creatinine Level and Protein Urine Got Improved in There

Apart from reasonable diet, patients are recommended to make their damaged glomerular basement membrane repaired. If so, the protein will not leak into urine. To prevent the occurrence of Kidney Failure, patients experiencing urine protein should make this condition controlled.

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