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Nutrition Guidance for Patients on Hemodialysis (Ⅰ)

In clinic, hemodialysis is primarily applied to the patients with end stage Chronic Renal Failure. Suffering from the torture of hemodialysis which is accompanied with bad controlled diet can easily result in malnutrition during hemodialysis. Thus to regulate the diet for patients on hemodialysis is very important approach to supply the essential nutrition and enhance the immunity. There are some principles of the diet for patients on hemodialysis.

ⅠProtein in diet: Patients with end stage Chronic Renal Failure have severe medical condition and just start to take hemodialysis, the protein intake of which should not be less than 35g according to the standard that the intake of protein should range from 1g per one kg weight every day.

Hemodialysis for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Treatment
Ⅱ Heat in diet: Generally, the intake of heat should range from 35~40kcal per one kg weight every day. And about one third of the heat should come from fat while more heat should be supplied by carbohydrate.

Ⅲ Mineral salt and vitamin in diet: Patients with Uremia often have high blood pressure and (or) hypernatremia, so the intake of sodium salt should be limited. At the same time, depending on the condition of electrolytes in the blood, the volume of potassium should be controlled in the diet. The patients with anuria on hemodialysis should reduce the ingestion of high potassium food. During the day of non-hemodialysis, the patients should strictly limit potassium; however, during the day of hemodialysis, the patients should prevent hypokalemia due to excessively clearing up potassium in the blood during hemodialysis. Since patients with end stage Chronic Renal Failure often have low level calcium in the blood and high level phosphorus, they should increase the intake of calcium and limit phosphorus intake.

How Does Diet Help for Hemodialysis Patients
Ⅳ Moisture in diet: The weight of patients on hemodialysis should not increase more than 1 kg and the dry weight should not be higher than 5% of that before.

Ⅴ Low fat and low cholesterol in diet: Animal viscera, yolk and animal oil should be limited. The intake of cholesterol should not be more than 0.3g every day.

Dietary Recommendations for Hemodialysis Patients

To carry on rational diet and to take effective treatment are an organic unity, which can promote the development of life quality of patients with end stage Chronic Renal Failure who are on hemodialysis. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me and I will try my best to help you. My MSN is: chinakidneyhospital@gmail.com

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