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Dialysis is needed in end-stage Renal Failure

In western medicine, many people with end-stage Renal Failure are recommended to receive renal replacement therapy——dialysis which they are unwilling to face but have to suffer. Usually, patients who have to take dialysis are quite afraid of it, because many complications may encounter during dialysis. Some people do all they can to find alternative treatments, and there are really two treatments which can take place for dialysis to treat Renal Failure effectively, that is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cells Transplant. But I want to emphasize that dialysis has its crucial role in supporting the above two treatments towards the patients with end-stage Renal Failure.
Toxin-Removing Treatment Can Help You Stop Dialysis

Ⅰ Dialysis can eliminate the various wastes and toxins from metabolism, such as creatinine, urea, amine and phenols, etc. Therefore we can find the volume of creatinine in the blood quickly decreases.

Ⅱ Dialysis can regulate the equilibrium of water, so the symptom of edema will be relieved to some degree.

Ⅲ Dialysis can regulate acid-base balance.

Ⅳ Dialysis can adjust electrolyte balance, and the symptom of hyperkalemia will be improved.
Causes and Treatment of Blood Urine in Dialysis Patients

As we all know, dialysis is an imperfect treatment to replace kidney function because it does not correct the endocrine functions of the kidney and may cause some complications. All these dialysis treatment effects mentioned above combining with each other can provide a favorable environment for the applications of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cells Transplant and make them more effective, but it takes time to take effect for these treatments especially Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, thus dialysis may be necessary to bridge the time gap required.

People with Renal Failure who come into the end-stage may need dialysis first to stable the medical condition, and then take the combinative treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cells Transplant for a period of time. People with end-stage Renal Failure may get the treatment effect which they expect one day.Alternatives to Dialysis in Using Chinese Method to Repair Kidney Cells

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