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Diet Prevents High Blood Pressure

In general, people with high blood pressure for 8-10years will have damage on kidney. Kidneys will be deprived of normal blood and oxygen due to high perfusion, high filtration and high internal pressure which are caused by high blood pressure, and then renal intrinsic cells will be damaged for extended periods of time. Therefore if high blood pressure can not be controlled well, the progress of kidney disease will develop more quickly. In addition, to take too many drugs will increase the kidney burden. Thus to block high blood pressure is a way of preventing kidney disease coming to you. In clinic, high blood pressure is usually influenced by mental factors, including emotional agitation, intensity and anxiety, etc. Besides, diet factor is associated with high blood pressure, which plays a vital role in decreasing the dangerous inducements depending on controlling blood pressure, blood lipid and weight and so on.
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What kind of diet is an inducement of high blood pressure?

● The diet contains excessive fat, including animal oil, animal pluck, crab spawn and egg yolk, etc. These foods can increase blood lipid, and if people have high blood lipid, arteriosclerosis will appear then.

● The diet contains too much salt, which is easy to cause kidney disease in traditional Chinese medicine. Kidney-yin deficiency can lead to further liver-yin deficiency so as to arouse liver-yang hyperactivity which is the mainly manifestation of kidney disease. At present, research confirms that people who eat excessive salt will have higher risk of high blood pressure than that of people who have low-salt diet.
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● The diet contains hot or pungent food. Wine is a kind of drink with hot and pungent properties. And excessive drinking may cause liver-yang hyperactivity. Even if for people have history of hypertension but have stable blood pressure at present, the blood pressure will fluctuate after drinking wine. Actually, drinking wine with an empty stomach can obviously increase the risk of high blood pressure.

● Besides, red meat, chocolate, coffee, fried foods are all the foods that have hot and pungent properties.
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According to the above inducements, to avoid high blood pressure resulting in kidney disease depends on rational diet in daily life. Changes in your diet can make a big difference in your health. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me by kidneyservice@hotmail.com .

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