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How to Get a Good Prognosis of Renal Failure

Patients with Renal Failure are always caring about its prognosis and they always consult their doctor how to get a good prognosis. Actually, a good prognosis of Renal Failure should be based on their own condition (disease condition and diet condition) and effective medical treatment.

How to Understand Prognosis Correctly?

Prognosis refers to such an medical term that the prospect of recovery or the probable outcome of the disease, which mainly includes survive rate, life expectancy, complications and the degree of recovery.

Getting a good prognosis means having higher survive rate, longer life expectancy, well controlled complications and higher degree of recovery.

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What is Renal Failure?

Renal Failure refers to the inability of kidneys to remove toxin and waste from human body, help regulate blood pressure, maintain the proper level of fluid in body and excrete helpful substance.

How to Get a Good Prognosis of Renal Failure?

All of these depend upon reasonable medical treatment and patients' own condition.

1) If patients are at the early stage of Kidney Failure, they are more likely to get a longer expectancy and high degree of recovery than those patients are at the end stage of Kidney Failure. Hence, it is important for patients with Kidney Failure to receive early treatment after they are diagnosed with Kidney Failure.

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2) Patients who watch their diet may have a good recovery than those who take food randomly. For example, many patients who present proteinuria are not recommended to take food rich in protein (especially vegetable protein) so as to lessen kidney burden. If they neglect this, their kidneys will be damaged further, and then they may have a bad prognosis.

3) The key to get a good prognosis is to receive proper treatment. Dialysis, Micro-Chinese Medicine and Stem Cell Transplant are recommended to patients with Kidney Failure. Note that receiveing any one of these three methods should be based on patients' own condition. Maybe patients who are at the early stage of Kidney Failure are recommended to receive the combination of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant. And patients who are at the end-stage of Kidney Failure are recommended to receive Dialysis and Stem Cell Transplant.

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In conclusion, patients with Kidney Failure had better make their disease treated at the early stage of the disease with more effective treatment. Following their doctor's advice to take healthier diet is important to them. If they do these well, they are more likely to get a good prognosis.
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