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How to Prevent Chronic Nephritis from Progressing to Kidney Failure

No matter what type of Nephritis, it will progress to Kidney Failure without effective treatment. Once Kidney Failure occurs, it is more difficult to treat it. In this condition, the prevention of Kidney Failure progressed by Chronic Nephritis is very important. Patients with Chronic Nephritis had better make their diseases treated in the early stage.

The key to to prevent the Chronic Kidney Failure is to prevent the occurrence of the factors that may Cause Kidney Failure:
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1. Infection or Cold

Nephritis is one kind of immune disease, which is always caused by infection or cold. When the foreign antigen enters into human body, antibody in body will combine with the foreign antigen and then form immune complex. These immune complex will flow through the kidneys with the blood and then deposit in the glomerular, which will destroy the glomerular permeability and then cause the leak of albumin and erythrocyte. In the progress of Chronic Nephritis, the occurrence of each infection or cold will make their disease aggravate. Hence, to prevent the Chronic Nephritis, patients should get rid of infection or cold by doing proper exercise.

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 2. Unreasonable Diet:

After the Chronic Nephritis occurs, the damaged glomerular filtration membrance is damaged. If patients take a lot of high-protein food, their kidneys will be burdened further. In this condition, the kidneys cannot have a rest and then cannot be repaired well. It is necessary for patients control the intake of high-protein food and they can take some food with animal protein with the permission of their doctor.

3. Renal Toxic Medicines:

The majority of medicines will be discharged through the kidneys. However, some medicines will damage the kidneys, which is called renal toxic drugs. If patients take the renal toxic drugs, they are more likely to suffer from Kidney Failure gradually. To get rid of experiencing Kidney Failure, patients should not take these renal toxic drugs, such as gentamicin, kantrex and caulis aristolochiae manshuriensis.

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Apart from these factors, patients should control their blood pressure well.

In conclusion, patients with Chronic Nephritis should get rid of infection or cold, watch their diet, keep away from renal toxic drugs and prevent the occurrence of hypertension so as to prevent the progressing of Chronic Nephritis to Kidney Failure.

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