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Pay High Attention to the Acute Nephritis in Children

Nephritis in Children refers to one kind of autoimmune disease, which commonly occurs in 1-4 weeks after the infection of streptococcus. Generally, the Acute Nephritis will present some symproms, such as mild edema in eyelid, black urine within 2-3 weeks after catching a cold. Children may present high blood pressure, low heat, dizziness, inappetence and nausea. If so, parents should pay attention to the occurrence of the Acute Nephritis in their child. If it occurs, parents should bring them to see a doctor to make the disease treated.Diet Changes for a Person with Acute Glomerulonephritis

However, some parents neglect the disease since they thought the early symptoms of Acute Nephritis is the upper respiratory tract. Without timely treatment, the Acute Nephritis may progress to Chronic Nephritis and even Kidney Failure. Some children even present generalized edema, very high blood pressure, oliguria and heart failure.

In this condition, nephrologist suggest that children had better have a rest in the bed within 1-2 weeks after the onset of the disease, which can help decrease energy consumption, lessen heart burden, improve the blood circulation of kidneys and prevent cardiac insufficiency.

Once the edema is relieved, children can have a walk outdoors. Meanwhile, children are recommended to take low-salt food and sugary food. The majority of children can recover completely.Kidney Cyst Causes Acute Pyelonephritis

Besides, parents should help children take a bath and make children's skin clean in case of the occurrence of pustule.

The prevention of the infection of streptococcus, such as cold and pharyngitis is important to prevent the occurrence of the Acute Nephritis.

Parents should check whether the colour of their children's urine changes, whether there are more bubble in their urine and whether the urine volume decreases. If these conditions occur, parents should make the urine tested.

In conclusion, parents should pay high attention to the occurrence of the Acute Nephritis in their children. Once it occurs, parents should make their children receive timely treatment in case of the occurrence of severe kidney damage or Kidney Failure.Can Chronic Nephritis Patients Drink Honey

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