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4 Tips to Relieve Skin Itching in Kidney Failure

Skin itching is very common in Kidney Failure patients, so if you are a Kidney Failure patient, maybe you have already experienced this painful feeling. In fact, skin itching is indued by the accumulation of toxins in the patients with Renal Failure. Concerning for this problem, what can we do to prevent or deal with?skin itching
Before we explain the measures to treat skin itching, i would like to explain the reasons for why there is skin itching in Renal Failure patients.
Due to the water-sodium retention and the decline of renal function in Kidney Failure patients, so their endocrine functions are often in disorder, thus inducing the deposition of calcium in subcutaneous tissues and the resulting the hyperparathyroidism.
Treatments of Skin Itching for CKD Patients
To deal with skin itching, Renal Failure patients should pay attention to the following points.
1. Change Body Position Frequently
Patients with Renal Failure should change your body position frequently, especially, turn over your body every two to three hours. When turning over, prevent the scratch to the skin.
2. Keep Bed Clean and Body Dry
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The patient's bed should be kept smooth without ruga, clean and dry without fragment. Especially, keep the skin clean and dry..
3. Use Thermal Water
Kidney Failure patient should develop the habit of rub and bath using hot water, so as to boost the local blood circulation, as well as prevent the happening of decubitus.
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4. The local or partial skin could be exposed by infrared ray or floor lamps, thus keep the dryness of trauma and promote the blood circulation, and boos the development and growth of granulation tissue, during this course, pay attention to prevent scald.
By these measures, skin itching should be relived in patients with Renal Failure. If there is something else you want to know, leave a message please.

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