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Renal Anemia-a Dangerous Signal in Chronic Kidney Failure(CRF)

Anemia is common in patients with chronic kidney failure. Healthy kidneys can produce a kind of hormone called erythropoietin (EPO), which can stimulate the bone morrow to produce enough red blood cells needed by human body. Diseased kidneys can not make sufficient EPO so that red blood cell production is reduced, thus giving rise to anemia. Other causes of anemia include blood loss, low levels of iron and folic acid. It is suggested that anemia is a dangerous signal for kidney failure patients, as it may increase risk factors and greatly affect long-term survival rate.
Natural Remedies for PKD Patients with Anemia
What are the risks of renal anemia? Anemia refers to low levels of red blood cells. Red blood cells can carry oxygen to various body tissues and organs and enable them to use the energy from the food. Without oxygen, vital body organs, such as brain and the heart, can not perform their function as they should. Clinical researches that anemia is an independent contributing factor for combined left ventricular hypertrophy, heart failure and increased mortality from cardiovascular diseases in CRF. For chronic kidney failure patients on maintenance, anemia and increased HOV are also important risk factors for the occurrence of angina.
Clinically, anemia begins when patients with chronic kidney failure have 20 to 50 percent kidney function remaining. Patients can find themselves have pale face and get tired easily. There are two conventional treatment options for renal anemia: first one being injecting a genetically engineered form of erythropoietin or EPO; second one is blood transfusion, which is less operated than the former one.
CKD Coupled with Severe Chronic Anemia and Diabetes
Actually, both of the two methods are symptom-targeted. That is, they help to improve anemia, but don’t help kidney endocrine functions. With renal damage progressing, anemia state will worsen gradually, and patients will find themselves very week, even lose the ability of taking care of themselves. Considering high potential risks of cardiovascular diseases and high mortality caused by anemia, patients with chronic kidney failure need the following treatments:
1. Check your blood EPO and red blood cell level, and adopt EPO injection prescribed by your doctors after analysis of your specific condition
2. Treat damaged kidney cells. Anemia is mainly related to damaged kidney endocrine function, so fundamental treatment should be based on repairing injured renal intrinsic cells. Patients with chronic kidney failure experience gradual loss of functioning nephrons. If patients take proper and effective treatment at early time, scarred kidney cells can be repaired and renal fibrosis can e blocked, thus gradually recovering from renal anemia and avoiding progression into end-stage kidney failure.
How to Treat Stage 4 Kidney Disease With Anemia
A dangerous signal as renal anemia is, patients with CRF should not neglect it and choose right treatment at early time. Anything unclear, you may consult online experts for free or email us directly.

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