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Relations Among Foamy Urine, Proteinuria and Renal Function Damage

Patients are always confused on the relations for these three things, foamy urine, proteinuria and renal function damage. In order to help patients get a comprehensive understanding about them, i will talk about them in the following.proteinuria and renal function damage
First let's talk about foamy urine. Foamy urine, also called bubbly urine, is a common experience many people may have.Facing the foamy urine, may people begin to doubt whether they have suffered from any diseases. In fact there is no need to worry.
Why Nephrotic Syndrome Has Proteinuria?
For most people, it is a really very normal phenomenon to have bubbles or foams in urine. Generally, our urine excreted often has a certain amount of organic substances(e.g, glucose) and inorganic substance(e.g, mineral salt), so the urine's surface tension is a little stronger, and usually, these bubbles are large and they will disappear very soon.
Now let's look back the proteinuria. Proteinuria means the urine has protein,usually the amount of protein in urine is above 150mg/24h. When the amount is over 3.5g/24h, it is called as heavy proteinuria.
In fact, for a healthy person, his or her urine can have certain amounts of protein(less than 150mg per day), and this little bit of protein cannot be detected in the protein qualitative checkups. But when the amount of protein in urine increases, we may detect the protein by the usual urineanalysis, this condition is called proteinuria.
Just as i said before, foamy urine, or bubble urine, does not necessarily mean proteinuria, but in return, proteinuria is usually presented as foamy urine. Under the condition of proteinuria, in the surface of the urine there will be a layer of tiny bubbles in the surface of urine and these small bubbles are not likely to disappear even lasting for a long time.
What Food Can Help Patients Reduce Proteinuria?
As for the relations between foamy urine, proteinuria, and renal function damage, many people become nervous and doubt whether they get some kidney diseases or not when they see their urine has foams, or when they have learnt they get proteinuria, in fact, many reasons could lead to the proteinuria instead of just kidney diseases. Only after many times' checkups and it all shows the negative result, then any kidney diseases can be suspected.

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