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Why Swelling and Weight Gain Exist after Dialysis

Patient: I have had dialysis for one year. Body weight gain between one dialysis to another dialysis (1 Ltr to 2 Lts). I have swelling in the legs. Urine output 500-600ml. I am 30 year old male...Can you offer explanations and some advice?
Expert answer: You said that you have the swelling in the legs, how long have you had this symptom?
Generally speaking, if the patient have the swelling before the dialysis, and after the dialysis, the swelling will disappear. But if the dialysis can not eliminate the toxins completely, the patient will show swelling.
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And you said that your weight has gained, usually the weight before the first dialysis and the the weight after the first dialysis, and the weight before the second dialysis, the difference between these three weight value should less than 2.5kg, if the value is bigger than 2.5kg, there will be some complications for the patients. Such as itching, vomiting, swelling, ect. In severe conditions, it can cause short breath and difficult breathing. Weight gain is a risk signal for dialysis patients. If not treated timely, it can greatly affect prognosis for dialysis patients.
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What makes concerned is that swelling may be caused by too much sodium in blood, so I hope you can send blood tests to me. In this case, dialysate change may be necessary. Please restrict sodium intake, as exceeding sodium consumption can aggravate water retention. Water intake also needs to be balanced. Now your urine output is 500ml-600ml, so I suggest you to supplement 1100ml liquid each day. This can help you control it better.
For your condition now, you are still young and your physical condition will be much better and after the effective treatment, if your kidney function can be improved to 15%, you can get rid of the dialysis.
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For the similar condition, we mainly adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Cells therapy to protect and promote overall kidney function. After you sent your kidney function, urine and blood test results, I will provide more detailed treatment plans to you.

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