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The Types of Proteinuria

Proteinuia, protein in urine, is one of the common symptoms of Kidney Diseases. In healthy kidneys, glumeruli and renal tubules can prevent protein leaking from blood. Thus the proteinuria results from the damages of mechanical barrier, charge barrier and intraglomerular mesangium. There are some types of proteinuria.
Glomerular proteinuriaThe Types of Proteinuria
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Filtration membranes have many holes which can effective block protein of the large molecules. What’s more, those membranes carry negative charges, which can reject and prevent the protein with negative charges passing through them. When glomeruli are damaged in primary or secondary diseases, those barriers are too weak to block protein. When renal tubules fail in reabsorb so much protein, protein will occur in urine.
Renal tubular proteinuria
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If renal tubuleinterstitium is diseased in interstitial nephritis, chronic pyelonephritis and so on, renal tubular epithelial cells will contain less proteolytic enzymes which play an important in reabsorption. Although glomeruli filtrate out the normal amount of protein, the protein can be reabsorbed in renal tubules and released into urine.
Overflow proteinuria
Protein in this kind of proteinuia is usually small molecule, which can pass through glomeruli. When those protein is beyond the ability of reabsorption of renal tubules, protein will be found in urine.
Histic proteinuria
A Homeopathic Remedy for Proteinuria in CKD
In healthy kidneys, some epithelial cells of renal tubules can secrete Tamm-Horsfall protein which does not exist in serum. In necrotic tissues, tumors and virus invading, this kind of protein will increase and occur in urine.
Lymphatic proteinuria
Some diseases will break the lymph-vessels and lymph is released into urine. Besides protein, there are lipid in lymph. With more lipid, the urine is called chyluria, while with little lipid, the urine is called as lymphatic urine. Lymphatic urine usually occurs among parasitosis, especially filariasis Bancroft.
Different proteinuria needs different treatments. So when protein occurs in urine, it is important to make out the reason for it.

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