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Clinical Symptoms Telling Progression of Hypertensive Kidney Failure

Chronic high blood pressure can cause gradual damage to the kidneys. If the high blood pressure is poorly controlled, and kidney damage is not timely and properly treated, patients will finally develop into end-stage kidney failure. The clinical symptoms of kidney failure can be divided into three stages, and by telling them, doctors will evaluate the severity of your condition, and offer specific nursing and treatment plans:
1. Symptoms at early stage
Patients don’t present obvious symptoms, but kidney function decline is detectable through clinical tests. Patients at this stage tend to lose the best treatment opportunity as they think “slight symptoms mean slight kidney damage”.
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2. Middle stage
Metabolic wastes such as urea nitrogen and creatinine begins to rise. An obvious symptom caused by renal tubular damage is nocturia, which means patients urinate frequently at night. Thereby, the total urine output is increased.
Kidneys normally can regulate blood pressure level by secreting renins. For hypertension kidney disease, for one hand, the high blood pressure hastens renal pathological damage; for the other hand, the failing kidneys lose their endocrine function so that high blood pressure will be more and more uncontrollable. Water and sodium retention is another aggravating factor for the constant high blood pressure reading.
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3. End-stage symptoms
Kidney condition continues to deteriorate. At this stage, toxin levels in kidneys become higher and higher. Those harmful substances, such as creatinine, urea nitrogen, etc, will affect such vital symptoms as muscle, nerves, digestive tract, brain, skin, etc. This will cause overall clinical symptoms, examples include muscle jerk, muscle weakness, vomiting, nausea, poor appetite, anemia, weight loss, itchy skin, halitosis, convulsions, etc.
The reason why patients can suffer from kidney disease without any symptoms at the beginning is that our kidneys have good compensatory functions. When kidney problem occurs and symptoms arise, we hope patients can attach importance to early treatment and proper nursing measures.
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Also, patients should also build up their confidence in fighting against this disease. Experts in this hospital can provide specific nursing plan for you, offer full analysis and hope you can start a new life here with our treatments-stem cell treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and immunotherapy. Seize our hands, and give ourselves the courage. You will never be alone there.

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