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Hyperphosphatemia May Boost Kidney Patients to the Road of Kidney Failure

According to an essay published in the Journal of the American Society Nephrology, Hyperphosphatemia may promote the kidney patients to the road of Kidney Failure more quickly. And worse still, hyperphosphatemia may disturb the kdiney-oriented medicines efficiency.
If the Chronic Kidney Disease patients cannot efficiently remove those body wastes, such as the excessive phosphate in the blood, then, your kidneys could become overloaded.
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Compared with the sufferers of low-phosphate level patients, high-phosphate level patients are tend to progress more quickly to the severe Renal Insufficiency or Renal Failure.
Besides, the higher phosphate levels in the blood also reduces the some medicines efficiency for the kidney disease. Take the Ramipril as an example, research found that the higher phosphate level in the blood vessels could weaken the efficacy of this medicine.
Hyperphosphatemia is very commonly seen in patients with ESRD and it associates with the hyperparathyroidism and kidney osteodrstrophy. Increasing clinical data also suggest that hypeophosphatemia is connected with the commonly seen cardiovascular mortality rate among dialysis patients.
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So we can see the great significance of controlling the high phosphate level in the blood. Measures used for the controlling or preventing the hypeophosphatemia mainly include dietary phosphorus restriction, dialysis, phosphate oral-taken medicines binder.
Among the oral phosphate binders, aluminum hydroxide is an efficient binder. But, the due to the concerns of toxicity, the medicine aluminum hydroxide has been nearly eliminated. Instead, calcium salt is now widely used as an alternative to the aluminum hydroxide.
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Whether for the patients who has already accepted dialysis or not, if they have a high phosphate level in their blood, or if they are diagnosed with Hyperphosphatemia, they all need to take treatment timely. Otherwise, they may progress more fast to the road of Renal Failure or ESRD.

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