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How to Treat Edema (Swelling) in Renal Failure Naturally

Patients with renal often have the symptom of edema (swelling). The edema indicates too much water in your blood, and doctors will point out the risks: the excess water may cause too much burden to your heart and make you short of breath. It is severe condition that should be treated timely. Well then, the question rises among patients: is there natural treatment for edema(swelling) with kidney failure?
First, know the causes of edema(swelling) in kidney failure
As kidney function declines, glomerular filtration area also decreases. However, renal tubular reabsorption of water and sodium doesn’t reduce accordingly. As a result, the patients will experience swelling. On the other hand, as renal capillary permeability increases, large amounts of proteins escape into urine. Proteins are important in preserving blood plasma osmotic pressure. Loss of proteins will of course lower osmotic pressure. So water will run infiltrate into body tissues.
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In others, edema may come as a symptom of combined heart dysfunction. Failing kidneys will produce less EPO-a hormone that promotes production of red blood cells. So patients will develop anemia. It is suggested that anemia, high toxin levels, high blood pressure and low immunity make kidney failure patients at increased risk of heart diseases. Swelling will result from heart-derived problem.
Natural Treatments for edema (swelling) in renal failure patients
1. Control your intake of sodium. Sodium will aggravate water retention and make swelling even severe. Thereby, patients with kidney failure should avoid rich sodium content products, examples include salted products, processed foods, etc.
2. Limit water consumption. The water intake should be 500+urine output the day before. This helps preserve body requirements and not increase the swelling condition.
3. Positive treatment for heart disorder
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Combined heart disorder results from various pathogenic factors. BP and anemia should be monitored with proper medicine prescriptions. Some patients may need dialysis to lower toxin levels. Malnutrition should be corrected by proper dietary supplements.
4. Herbal medicine
The effect of improving kidney function and alleviating systemic complications typically belong to traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Various nutritive and natural substances in herbal medicine can well restore damaged renal intrinsic cells and restore kidney functions through several clinical procedures:
First, activate renal microcirculation and enhance repairing process
Release various elements to expand renal blood vessels, ease renal ischemia and hypoxia, and provide sufficient minerals and microelements for kidneys. The faster blood circulation is, the more likely water will be driven into urine.
Second, block up renal fibrosis.
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Degenerate excellular matrixes (ECM) and immune complexes. Those are harmful substances that are adjoined with renal intrinsic cells. As the kidneys try to get rid of them, a series inflammatory damage will occur and deteriorate pathological injury. Chinese medicine will produce enzymes to degenerate those wasteful substances to block up renal fibrosis.
Third, recover damaged renal intrinsic cells. Chinese medicine will offer a low toxicity condition for the kidneys, and recover damaged kidney cells gradually. The process is a gradual one and needs insistence treatment.

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