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Causes of a High Level of BUN and Creatine

BUN and creatinine are often jointly used to assess the kidney function. Here I will guide you to look at the causes for a high level of BUN and creatinine as well as other issues.
As you may not know, high creatinine and high level of BUN are not only connected with the kidney function, but, they also have relations with the muscle stress and dehydration.
BUN Rising Higher Than Normal Level
As you may know, the urea is the metabolic product of protrein, while creatinine is the product of muscles. Both of them needs to pass out from the kidneys as urine. So when the kidneys are damaged, both of those wastes are not easy to pass out from the body.
Only when the GFR reduces to the 1/2~1/3 of the normal GFR level, then the creatinine and the BUN begin to rise. But the high level of BUN does not necessary means the kidney diseases. Because many reasons could make the BUN elevated. The possible reasons include eating much protein-rich foods, digestive tract bleeding, heart failure, urinary tract obstruction, severe infection, dehydration and shock, heat, etc. All of these factors may induce the temporary or consistent elevation of BUN levels.
Should I Do Dialysis with BUN 36, Creatinine 3.50, GFR 15
Likewise, the level of creatinine also is affected by a lot of reasons, including large amount of intake of meat, taking strenuous exercises, etc. On the contrary, long time state of hungers, pregnancy, or muscle atrophic diseases could make the creatinine level reduce.
So we can see the causes for high levels of creatinine and BUN are various. Only when the doctors take the necessary tests and examinations, the patients can then be given the best approriate treatment. May we can help you.
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