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How to Treat Protein Out of the Urine

Protein in urine is an abnormal state of your urine presented by the high amount of protein found in your urine. In healthy persons, low levels of protein in urine are normal. So many of patients are concerned on how to treat protein from the urine.uriine protein
Many people are found out that their urine has protein when they undergo an urinalysis in a hospital, They just do not know why their urine could have protein!
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Before we determine the type of treatment for protein in urine, it is important to make a diagnosis on the underlying causes for urine protein. Generally, urine protein is attributed to such factors or reasons: 1.Infection; 2 Kidney disease; 3. Diabetes; 4.High blood pressure; 5.Other reasons, including exposure to heat or cold, fever, certain drugs, pregnancy, intense activities, etc.
After diagnosis for the specific reasons, the according treatment plan will be formulated for the patients. If protein in urine is induced by the 6th reason mentioned above, generally after the current state, such as medication factor, intensive activities, is alleviated or eased, urine protein would automatically disappear or remit.
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If urine protein is attributed to other diseases, for example, kidney disease, Diabetes, or high blood pressure, then this kind of type is usually more serious. Immunotherapy used in our hospital is a newest therapy applied into the kidney disease patients. The emphasis of this therapy is to focus on the reparation of the damaged kidneys as well as improve patients' immunity. For the remaining other reasons, according treatments can be conducted specially.

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