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Symptoms for Stage 4 Kidney Failure Disease

The National Kidney Foundation has set up a guideline for the stages of Chronic Kidney Failure. They divide it into five stages, namely from stage 1 to stage 5. Here we will focus on the symptoms of stage 4 Kidney Failure.
The more higher of the stage number, the more severity for the kidney damage. So stage 1 refers the beginning slight damage of renal function, while stage 5 means the kidney as well as its function have been greatly damaged. Stage 4 presents a number of signs or symptoms in clinical.
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Decreased GFR
GFR is a measurement of kidney function, and it means the assessment of blood processed by the kidney's filtering units, the glomeruli, each minute. Stage 4 renal failure means the GFR is between 15 to 29 milliliters per minute
At stage 4, patients are easily to appear with such symptoms as swelling, urination changes, fatigues, poor appetite, or even sleeping problems, etc. Here i want to say the two symptoms of them: swelling and urination changes.
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Patients at stage 4 may have the swelling at their lower legs, hands, or face. The possible reason for the edema is due to the kidneys is unable to control its ability to control the amount of the fluids that are in the body. Another reason is the kidneys are unable to keep the protein in the body. In severe cases, some patients may occur with the pulmonary edema, which may cause them in short of breath.
Urinary changes means your urine may be seeming different from your their before state in the color or the amount. At stage 4 kidney disease, your urine may be foamy or become red., or your urine may show the tea or brown color. Besides, a person with stage 4 kidney failure may get into urination frequently at night.
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There are the basic symptoms of stage 4 kidney failure disease. If you have one or any of these symptoms right now, pay attention to go and see a doctor or consult us on line.

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