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How to Improve GFR Level Naturally In Kidney Failure Patient

Many patients with kidney failure often have a declined glomerular filtration rate(GFR) in their body,so they are constantly asking how to improve their GFR level naturally, for this question, explanations are given in the following.
First,before we introduce how to improve the GFR level naturally, we should have a general understanding about GFR.
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GFR, also called glomerular filtration rate, refers the liquid amount filtrated through both kidneys in a certain time. For the adults, the normal GFR level is 125ml/min or so. And here there is another concept-filtration fraction, which means the ration between glomerular filtration rate and kidney blood plasma. Due to the flow amount of kidney plasma is about 660ml/min, so by the calculation, the filtration fraction is about 19%. That is to say, about 1/5 plasma will be filtrated into the capsule through kidneys and forms the original urine.
Both GFR and filtration rate are the two indicators in assessment for kidney function. The original amount produced by an adult every day and night is about 180L, but the final urine excreted every day is just 1-2L. So we can see the original urine should be affected by the kidney tubules and concentrated pipe and finally forms the final urine.
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Why GFR Level Decline in Patients with Kidney Failure?
Then why the glomerular filtration rate will decline? Research has found that the decline of the GFR level is caused by the destruction of one or several types of kidney functional cells. As you may not know, our kidney filtration rate is determined by kidney's four functional cells: glomerular capillary endothelial cells, mesangial cells, epithelial cells and renal tubules' epithelial cells.
So, the decline of GFR level is just caused by one or several of these four functional cells. As for methods on improving the GFR level, our hospital advocated Micro-Chinese Medicine(read How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treat Kidney Failure), which is aimed at the reparation of damaged kidney cells and tissues. By our therapies, many patients have witnessed their GFR level increased.
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