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Are You Aware of Those Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Women

Nowadays, not only men, but also women are participating into the group of kidney failure. But as a woman, are you aware of those symptoms of kidney failure in women? May my introductions in the following could be helpful for you.symptoms of kidney failure in women
Fatigue is probably the earliest symptom of kidney failure. But it is easily to be neglected by women because fatigue is mostly attributed to work pressure and work fatigues. And fatigues in renal failure could turn to better if having rests, so this symptom is easily overlooked by career women.
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Due to the reason that the face expression of yellow looking has not too much obvious changes during some periods of time, so women are not easily to perceive any traces of yellow looking. In fact, yellow looking is often caused by renal anemia in patients with renal failure.
Swelling is a visual and obvious symptom of chronic kidney failure. Due to the kidneys are unable to excrete the over much water, so these fluids could build up in the tissue space, at the early time of kidney failure, women may have only edema in eyelids or ankles parts. But when the disease progresses into the whole body or presents as persistent edema, the disease may be in its serious stage.
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Due to the kidneys are damaged in the renal failure, so patients may see a declined urine themselves. Even if the urine is normal, as a result of the toxins contained in the urine decreases, so the urine cannot remove overmuch wastes, that is to say, even if your urine amount is normal, that cannot indicate your renal function has not gotten any problems.
Due to the retention of water-sodium as well as those toxins caused by the declined kidney removal function, so people at the early time of renal failure often have different degree of high blood pressure. Symptoms of nose or gingiva bleeding induced by hypertension should be paid specially attention.
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Besides, other symptoms of kidney failure in women also include skin itchy, urine flavor in mouth, body weight losses, skin gloomy and losing your hair, and so on. From now on, if you can pay attention to these symptoms, you can prevent yourself keep away from any kidney diseases. Wish you be a healthy and beautiful woman!

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