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Cautions of Patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease

As Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kind of hereditary disease, lots of patients were born with PKD. And the size of the cysts will develop along with the growth of the patients, so, in order to observe the development of cysts and prevent the deterioration of the disease, it is very necessary for the patients to receive formal treatment as early as possible. In addition, patients with PKD have to pay attention to some details in daily life, and this article summarized some cautions of patients with PKD in the hope of helping them.
Cautions for patients with PKDPatients with PKD should conform to the principle of “Three Preventions, Three Controllings and One Regulation”
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I “Three Preventions”
◆ Prevent From Cold
Although in early stage, patients with PKD seldom suffer from discomforts caused by the cyst, they should never ignore its damage for kidney. Without effective treatment, the damage will be aggravated with each passing day. What’s worse, if the patients were caught by cold, it will make the condition deteriorate and accelerate the progress of kidney lesion.
◆ Prevent From Overwork
The prevention of overwork includes the mental work and manual labor. Mental fatigue will affect the command functions of the brain and then leading to the disorders of Central command system, finally resulting in the damage of various organs. And for the patients with PKD, the damage will particularly present in kidney. Physical fatigue will lead to the increase of toxins in the body. However, kidneys of those patients are not able to excrete the toxins in time, as a result, it will aggravate the renal damage.
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◆ Prevent From Wound
As the size of cysts growing, the intra-cystic pressure will increase accordingly. Once the patients were wound, the shock from outside force will directly threaten the cysts. Due to the combined effects of the force outside and the high intracapsular pressure, the cysts are quietly likely to get ruptured, which will arouse bleeding and infections. If the ruptured cyst is at the surface of kidney, it is extremely easy to result in the occurrence of Hemorrhagic Peritoneal Inflammation. What’s worse, Hemorrhagic Peritoneal Inflammation need to be treated with operation, consequently bringing severe damage to the kidney.
II “Three Controllings”
It refers to the controlling of blood pressure, diet, and the complications.
◆ Hypertension is a common symptom among most patients with PKD, and usually goes before the damage of kidney. Besides, hypertension is also a trigger of the damage of several organs, such as heart, brain, and kidney. therefore,the controlling of hypertension is crucial to the prevention of complications.
◆ Keep a scientific diet is very important for the patients with PKD. They had better conform to the rule: low-salt (2-3g/day), low potassium and potassium, low protein and lipid. Do not ignore the influence of a proper diet, as it has been proved in clinic, a healthy diet really makes a big difference to the treatment of PKD.
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◆ Control the complications in time. Once the complications (such as ruptures of cysts, bleeding, infections, calculus, etc.) attacked, the patients must take measures to control them immediately. But never take medicine without the doctor’s orders, for some medicine will do harm to the kidney.
III “One Regulation” means that the patients with PKD should always keep a positive mood to confront the disease.
Although the occurrence of Polycystic Kidney Disease may seem unavoidable to some patients, with the help of effective treatment, they can enjoy the life just as normal people. Apart from formal treatment, it will be a pleasure that the cautions above can help the patients in their daily life. If you have any questions about PKD, please contact with our consultant on line.

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