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Chinese Treatment for Kidney Stone

The Chinese treatment for kidney stone is a method with obvious therapeutic
results, at the same time, it is a safe method. Effective Chinese treatment could help patients to relieve pain and play the role of treatment and adjustment.
In the theory of Chinese medicine, kidney stone, ureter stone and bladder stone all belong to the Chinese concept of "urolithiasis". Its treatment are mainly focused on the function of "clearing hot and humid, make concretion run smoothly".
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The common calculus-removing medicines are predominated by stone-removing particles and other pharmaceutical Chinese patent drugs, which have the main ingredients such as prrrosia lingua, malva seed, fringed pink, talc, plantain seed, desmodium, Lygodium japonicum, gizzard pepsin, Chinese herbaceous peony, and liquorice, etc. If the urine has the blood, field thistle, virgin soil and rhizoma nelumbinis could be used for the function of blood-cooling.
The above mentioned Chinese treatment for kidney stone is mainly applied for these kidney stone patients: Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy an Alternative to Dialysis
1.Calculus, with a diameter less than 1cm and the shape formulated as well as a smooth appearance, drifts away in the intracavity in the state of the conglutination with renal pelvis calyces.
2. Urinary tract without obvious deformity, stenosis and infections.
3.patients without serious hydronephrosis, together with a relatively good renal function. How to Do Chinese Osmotherapy at Home
4. Young with a good constitution could cooperate with abundant water-taken and other stone-removing exercises.
Chinese treatment for kidney stone also need many other assist measures, by which, we can only achieve the better result. During the therapy for renal stone, pay attention to drink more water, which has the function of diluting urine, decreasing the deposition of saluresis, helping the removal of stones.
At the same time, patient should do more jumping, running, and take more gymnastics in order to help the automatically discharge of calculus.

So these are the basic introduction of Chinese treatment for kidney stone. If you want more, consult us please.

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