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The Importance of Dialysis at an Early Stage

For many patients with kidney disease, dialysis may be a familiar thing to them.
But, do you have enough understanding about dialysis? In this article we will look at the importance of dialysis, especially the dialysis at an early stage.
In recent days in our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we accepted a serious patient. This patient is in the end stage of renal disease(ESRD). When she came here, this patient already show the serious complications, including severe anemia, high blood pressure, throwing up, heart failure, etc. At What Stage Does Someone with Kidney Problems Get to Be Put on Dialysis
The condition at that time is very urgent for this patient, if there is any slight delays, the patient may have life dangers. So experts in our hospital immediately establish the treatment plan for him. After about one month's treatment, the patient has finally gotten rid of life dangers. And all his symptoms begin to alleviate, also, his urine begins to increase, and his serum creatinine starts to decline. What Do I Need to Do to Get Rid of Dialysis
After the careful understanding about his disease, before one month ago, this patient relative has already consulted us by phone, although his disease at that time is serious, but, there is no the symptom of heart failure, at that time doctor advised the patient accept the "dialysis at an early stage" based on the reason that purely Western treatment plays no substantial function for his disease, instead, the disease is still progressive slowly. At What Stage Does Someone with Kidney Problems Get to Be Put on Dialysis
But unluckily, for the suggestion of"early dialysis" advised by doctor, both the patient and his relative cannot understand, they have the doubts in their heart just like "why i should start dialysis when i have not gone far to that extent?" or "dialysis is not good, because if i start with it, i may not get rid of it anymore", etc. Can Kidney Function Come Back If Start Dialysis

Just due to that misunderstanding toward dialysis, the disease of patient so progresses so quickly and there appears severe symptoms, for example, the heart failure mentioned above. If the patient could accept the idea, such as "early dialysis", given by the doctor, then he would not develop into severe conditions, such as the heart failure. So the dialysis at an early time is very important under some conditions.

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