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Is Renal Failure Terrible

Kidney Disease, especially Renal Failure, is considered as the second killer
after cancer. When talking about Renal Failure, dialysis, kidney transplant or even death is always mentioned firstly. Patients always feel so desperate when they are diagnosed as Renal Failure because this disease sounds too horrible. However, is it really so terrible?
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Yes, the disease is very dangerous and it may also threaten patients' life. However, if the disease can be treated effectively and patients can live a proper and scientific life, it is possible for patients to live a normal life even though they have to suffer from Renal Failure.
What Is the Right Treatments' Choice for Kidney Failure Patients
Traditionally, dialysis or kidney transplant is commonly used for Renal Failure patients when their GFR level is lower than 15, but most of the times patients who are on dialysis still need to have kidney transplant or patients who have had kidney transplant still need to face the fact that transplanted kidney begins to fail again. Why? Patients always feel so confused on this point. The answer is very easy. This is only because dialysis can not repair damaged kidney and even kidney transplant can not deal with the primary cause of Renal Failure. Dialysis or Kidney Transplant is always considered as replacing treatment which will make patients feel much better in a short time after the treatment. However, though it is effective, it can not treat the kidney from its root, which is the main reason why the above condition may happen. If we change our mind on the treatment for Renal Failure, it will be possible to stop Renal Failure in the early stage.
The key of the treatment for Renal Failure is to stop the progress of the disease and get an improvement on kidney condition. If damaged kidney can be repaired effectively and primary cause of Renal Failure can also be treated well, patients will not need dialysis and even some patients who are having dialysis may get rid of dialysis.
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From the above, it can be found that the real terrible point of Renal Failure is not the disease itself, but also what treatment patients can take as well as the attitude to the disease.Just waiting for dialysis? Or trying to find new treatment positively? All will decide what kind of life Renal Failure patients will live. If you want further discussion, you can email to me or consult us online.

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