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PKD Is Not A Cancer! It Can be Treated Well!

Everyday, many patients consult on line about the PKD (Polycystic Kidney
Disease), and they don’t know the general information about this disease, and want to find a good treatment for PKD.
Firstly, PKD is a hereditary disease which means many cysts grow on the kidneys. Normally, if one side of parents is suffering from PKD, their children have 50% chance to suffer from this disease. So, if one person gets PKD in the family, his/her descendants have more chance to suffer from this disease. Available Treatment Options for Polycytic Kidney Disease
Secondly, PKD is not a cancer. Cysts grow on the kidneys, with the patient’s age become old, the cysts grow bigger and bigger. Then the cysts will press the kidney tissues and damage the kidney function, at that time, the patient will have foam in urine, hematuria, dizziness, swelling, vomiting, etc. When the kidney cysts become big enough, they will secrete the cystic liquid which is very easy to get infection in the kidneys. Therefore, early useful treatment for PKD patients is very important, especially when the kidney cysts are very small, adopt the useful treatment to delay the growth of cysts are very useful, otherwise, the final result of PKD is Kidney Failure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Polycystic Kidney Disease
Therefore, the best choice for the patients with PKD is to adopt the useful treatment. Normally, Western Medicine will suggest the patient wait for several months to observe the kidney cyst change. When the kidney cysts become big enough, the doctor will suggest them to receive the surgery to remove the kidney cyst. However, the surgery will damage the kidney function, and after the surgery, the kidney cysts will re-grow again. Therefore, surgery is not the best choice for patients with PKD. Treatment for Diabetic with Polycystic Kidney Disease
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:

1) Micro-Chinese Medicine is abstracted from the Chinese herbs, without any side-effect. This is the oldest traditional medicines in our country, like acupuncture. 2) All kidney disease is caused by the renal fibrosis, which means the blood can’t flow in the vessels. Chinese Medicine can dilate blood vessels, increase the blood flow volume in the renal lesion. 3) Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not an operation, without any pain. Chinese Medicine is superfinely shattered like powder, they are putted into small bags and heated for 45 minutes, and then we put these small bags on the two sides of kidneys according to the Acupuncture Points. What’s more, this process can be achieved with the help of osmosis device, so Chinese Medicine can get into renal lesion effectively. 4) The effective substance can repair the damaged renal cells, and clear the immune complex in the human body. After adopting Chinese Medicine for 3-5 days, the urine color can be changed obviously. (That is immune complex discharge into urine). 5) Chinese Medicine has the function of anti-coagulation, anti-inflammatory,prevent thrombus,degradation. 6). Micro-Chinese Medicine can guide the stem cells move into the renal lesion. 7). Stem Cells need a very favorable environment to grow, Micro-Chinese Medicine can supply such a good enviroment for stem cells.

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