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Heart and Kidneys are Fellow Sufferers

Surprising new research shows heart and kidneys are ‘fellow sufferers’. Kidney
disease somehow speeds up heart disease and heart disease can trigger kidney destruction, too.
We should pay attention to both heart and kidney health.
Heart disease and kidney disease act as cause and result. According to the tracing observation to more than 37,000 volunteers conducted by prevention epidemiology experts of William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan State, check three physical signs of kidney at regular intervals: renal filtration speed of blood, urine protein level and anemia condition. The research result shows the deterioration of any sign will cause heart cause. Can Gum Arabic Help Kidney Failure Patients Avoid Dialysis
Researcher in New England Medical Center in Boston made an observation to 13,000 volunteers, the result shows the probability of suffering kidney problem for heart disease patients is twice of that for people without heart disease. Therefore, we should pay attention to both heart and kidney health.
Why can bad renal function affect heart? How Can Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis Be Treated
When renal function declines or there is inflammation in kidneys, it will affect the secretion of renin, raise blood pressure and increase the load of kidneys. Poor renal function can not fully excrete the toxin in the body, if the situation lasts for a long time, there will occur urimic heart disease and even heart failure. 40% Kidney Failure, 60% Remaining: Is There Any Way to Reverse It
Poor renal function or deficiency of the kidney will influence cardiovascular system at least in three aspects: First, it will affect motive power of cardiac muscle, causing weak heart beat or arrhythmia. Second, it will impact blood quality, causing heart and brain ischemia and hypoxia. Third, it will speed up arteriosclerosis and vascular aging.
Heart disease will also threaten health of kidney.

When suffering from heart failure or decline of heart function, patients have to take some medicine, which will aggravate the load of kidneys. Weak systole can lead to decline of blood flow and low perfusion pressure, and finally result in poor blood flow in kidneys and decline of renal function. Therefore, patients with heart disease should pay attention to their kidneys and do regular examination so as to detect kidney problem early.

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