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Influences of Dialysis to Urine Output in Kidney Failure Patient

A lot of kidney failure patients see decreased urine output after their dialysis,
they don't know why that happens.So I want to explain it in the following.
Some uremic patients have up to 1000ml urine output before the hemodialysis, however, after their accepting dialysis for several times, their urine output gradually decreases to only 200 to 300ml per day, and some patients even have not any urine at all at last.
Chinese Treatment to Kidney Failure Patients
The reasons for that phenomenon can be explained in this way. After the dialysis, the concentration of BUN and creatinine and other related toxins obviously lower, so the original function of osmotic diuresis disappear.
The second, the condition of water-sodium retention has improved greatly due to the ultrafiltration function of dialysis, moreover, the excessive ultrafiltration during dialysis has made the kidney blood volume decreased greatly, and another factor is the original kidney disease progresses further during the period of maintaining blood dialysis. All of these factors make the urine output decreased after dialysis. Current Treatment for Renal Failure
Here i want to remind the patients with relatively large amount urine output, the duration time of the dialysis and the hyperfiltration amount should be adjusted according to the specific conditions. Patients should try to avoid the aggravating damage to the residual renal function by such factors as the overmuch hyperfiltration. How to Increase Urine Output for Renal Failure Patients
As for those patients who have already began the maintained dialysis, if only they could guarantee an adequate dialysis, in that way, their disease will not be affected and aggravated by the decreased urine output.
In other word, the decrease of the urine does not imply the aggravation of the patient's kidney function, so for the patients who see their urine decreased after dialysis, they really have no any needs to worry about too much.

So these are the basic explanations for the influences of dialysis to the urine output happening in kidney failure patients. More questions are welcomed to consult us.

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