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What are the Healthcare for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

For the patients with Diabetes complicated with kidney diseases, infection is a
horrible thing for them, because infection could lead to terrible results. Then, how to prevent the infection for the patients with kidney disease and Diabetes?
We could prevent the infections from the following aspects:
1.Skin Healthcare
For the patients with Diabetes and kidney disease, due to the reason that in the body of these patients the concentration of the blood sugar is high as well as the deposition of the uremic toxins in the body, so the virus is suitable to proliferate and patients may easily feel itchy, when the skin is scratched to rupture, infection is easily to occur. Lower Creatinine Level of a Diabetic Person With Eye Problems
For these patients, they should especially pay attention to the hygiene from many aspects, such as cleaning with the warm water, frequently washing the clothes and bed sheet, cleaning the parts surrounding the anus and perineum, etc.
2.Healthcare for the Swelling and Bedsore Advice for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients on One Month Dialysis
If the patients are in the state of light edema, then restricting the activity is the choice; for the patients with heavy edema, then stay in bed and uplift the lower legs are the choice. Besides that, strictly sterilization is necessary before any punctures, changing the body positions frequently and treatment for the patients with bedsores using medicines or infrared ray.
3.Foot Healthcare Can Diabetic With Creatinine 5.2 Undergo Retina Surgery
For the patients with kidney disease and Diabetes, blood vessel lesions are easily occur, which could induce the limbs ischemia or obstruction of blood vessels and then, inducing the tissue necrosis. So pay attention to the healthcare of the foot part, such as do not wear the too tight shoes and keep its permeability.

SO, these are the basic points for the healthcare of the patients with Diabetes and kidney diseases, if these healthcares could be combined with the effective treatment, such as Immunotherapy used in our hospital, then these kinds of diseases could get a better treatment results.

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