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Treatment should Be Strated Earlier for Renal Failure

Early treatment is of great importance for those who are faced up with renal
failure, why?
At renal failure stage, what's life-threatening is the overall metabolic disorder and complications when kidneys are so failed that they can no longer perform their normal functions of filtrating blood, regulating erythrocyte balance, secreting hormones and regulating acid-base. At this time, the purposes of early treatment are: first, relive discomforts and prevent complications; second, save the remaining kidney function and repair some of damaged renal intrinsic cells; third, improve life quality and prolong life expectancy.
So what can be the treatment?
1. Dialysis
When kidneys are failed, excessive and useless substances build up in the body, causing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, swelling, high blood pressure and short breath.
The function of dialysis is to artificially excrete waste products(including creatinine and urea nitrogen) outside so as to alleviate discomforts or severe complications. But dialysis can not repair your kidneys and can also lead to acute or chronic complications. What Treatment Can I Take for Failing Kidney Functions
2. Kidney transplant
Many patients at end-stage renal diseases are waiting for a kidney transplant while undergoing dialysis. However, a suitable donator can not be easily found and many patients have to wait through a long period, which is rather suffering. Further, kidney transplant is not a simple operation; rejection problem and primary factors(such as diabetes) can also greatly affect the survival time for the transplanted kidney.
2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, developed from traditional Chinese medicine, can treat save kidney function and repair severely damaged kidney units maximally with its unique features:
First, with functions of dilating blood vessels and anti-coagulation, osmosis medicines can improve blood circulation, accelerate oxygen and nutrient supply so as to fasten up the repairing process. Can Gum Arabic Help Kidney Failure Patients Avoid Dialysis
Second, prevent further deterioration: by blocking inflammatory cells from further damaging kidneys and by degenerating useless excellular matrix and wastes, kidney condition can be controlled from further aggravating.
To point out, there are two groups of cells in renal failure patients: necrotic cells and the damaged cells. Micro-Chinese medicine can repair the damaged ones, but can not save the necrotic ones. So, we need stem cell transplant, which can regenerate new renal intrinsic cells so as to replace the necrotic ones.
3. Stem cell transplant How Can Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis Be Treated
Stem cells, referring to a group of undifferentiated and unmatured cells, can regenerate masses of daughter cells that have exactly the same features as the original cells without changing their characteristics.
With homing abilities, stem cells can enter kidney lesions directly, repair the damaged renal intrinsic cells and regenerate new ones.

Here also lies the importance of early treatment for renal failure patients: at earlier time, with a better internal environment and more remaining kidney units, stem cells can work more effectively and kidney function can be improved much better.

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