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Why does Creatinine Increase after Kidney Transplant

Patient: .My husband had a kidney transplant about 5 weeks ago. We were monitoring his fever, which was 99, so called the transplant team and went to get some blood work and urine test. His creatinine level rose from 1.5 to 2.6. He has no symptoms whatsoever. He is going for a biopsy today. It sounds like acute rejection. What should we do now? He had been doing well all along. He is taking Cellcept and Repamune. Will these medicines change? What can I expect, we are devastated because he was doing so well?
Expert: it is a pleasant thing for me to answer your questions. As you may have guessed, there are a lot of reasons that are responsible for the increase of creatinine in the patients after kidney transplant. Among the various reasons, kidney rejection and infection are the most common reasons.
As you may know, renal biopsy could really determine whether the elevation of creatinine is caused by the rejection or by the infections as well as its harming degrees. If it is caused by the rejection, then strong anti-rejection medicines could be used; while, if it testifies that it is induced by the infection, then medicines could be focusing on the anti-infection drugs.

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