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Kidney Function Levels Prior to Dialysis

Patient: What level kidney function does your kidneys have to be at before they put you on dialysis?
Doctor: generally, if your kidney function is below 10%, dialysis is considered. Simply speaking, you may also need dialysis if the following requirements are met:
1.Ccr: ≤10ml/min
2.Serum BUN: :≥35mmol/L(97.6mg/dl)
3.Serum Creatinine: :≥884μmol/L(10mg/dl)
4.When your diseases are just right in the stage of acute rapid decline(Serum Creatinine higher than 530.4μmol/L or 6mg/dl), dialysis is needed.
5. Decline of renal function accompanied by severe metabolic acidosis(PH<7.2) or severe anemia.

In fact, there are no specific criterions for dialysis. In reality, whether dialysis is needed not only depends on the kidney functions, but depends on the general conditions of the patients.

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